About Us-We have been leading this field for over 25 years thanks to a professional, devoted and innovative staff

Qingdao Liushun Glass Co., Ltd., founded in November 1997, is China¡¯s large-size key glass packing enterprise,we are the Council Unit of China Association for Quality Promotion and China Daily Glass Association Bottle Committee, the first company certified with ISO9001 ,ISO14001,CE and UKS , the first company using SPC software in China, the first company implementing SA8000 social responsibility certification unit in China. Liushun produced and export approximately 11 billion bottles and jars intended mainly for sparkling wines, spirits, food products, beers and nonalcoholic beverages to USA ,Canada , Newzealand , Russia , Turkey , Poland , Italy ,France, Australia ,Brazil , Ecuador , Mexico,Panama and India , Japan , Korea,etc
Our co produces near 1000 more sizes of high quality glass containers, ranging from 5ml - 5000ml with different shapes and colors
available colors: clear/flint (Crystal flint , high flint ,normal flint ),antique green , dark green , dead-leaf green, light green , amber with raw materials color in labeled, decorated or non-decorated manner to cater to the local, regional and international customer base. The glass containers are produced under the following processes:
¡¤ Blow & Blow Process (B&B)
¡¤ Narrow Neck Press & Blow Process (NNPB)
¡¤ Wide-Mouth Press & Blow (WMPB) ¨C for light-weight bottles and jars.
Technical Team:
Own more than 1600 employees, 120 engineers and technicians and most of which are college educated. Management personnel in production and technology have professional training
Enterprise concept:
Our company always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" purpose, adhere to the "integrity, quality of life, credibility is the cornerstone of" business philosophy, ongoing product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification
Advanced equipment:
including 13 furnaces and 50 automatic production lines and 10 Semi-automatic production lines for wine bottle , beer bottle ,liquors bottle , food bottles and jar and pharma bottle and cosmetic and also some others special glass container.etc
Most of the major equipment is imported from Germany , Italy, France and China Taiwan .
Quality control :
We adopt the full range of digital monitoring in every step from batching , melting, forming , inspection , packaging and deliver.
Workshop production line has a scientific quality control system and the production lines are equipped with up-to-date automatic inspection machines with MCAL4,MULTI4 and Mx4 all functional auto-inspection machinesWe have been leading this field for over 20 years thanks to a professional, devoted and innovative staff.
Production process:
Stage01: Compostion of glass -¡úStage02: Fusion of raw materials -¡úStage03: Moulding of glass containers-¡úStage04: The refiring and treatment the surface¡úStage05:Inspection and quality control¡úStage06:Packing

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