Glass Block

Glass block is a new member in the family of glass. It has kept the original characteristic of glass but also possessing the new function that makes it more suitable for building because it can endure heavy compression, strong hit, keep warm and insulate moist. It can not only be used as bricks or stones but also as ornamental materials. Easy to use, to change the radian, to match makes it cater to the different needs.
Size : 190*190*80mm ,190*190*95mm ,190*90*80mm ,145*145*80mm ,6*8*3,6*6*3 in white , blue , green , pink and brown colors with more 25 kinds patterns . quality control is in accordance with DIN18175 and granted ISO9002 certificate

Glass Block

Three series:clear series,side-colored series and full colored series
Designs:diamond pattern,cloudy pattern,clear pattern,well shape pattern,acid treatment pattern,etc
Product Specifications:
N.W: 2.3 KG
Newest generation of glass blocks.
Low heat conduction, fire-proof, corrosion-resistant, excellent insulator.
Translucent, no poison, no pollution, no toxic odours.
Can endure heavy weight, high pressure.

Pattern List
Cycle Rhombus
Direct Clear
Obique Line
Sea Wave
Tangerine skin
Water Bubble
Well shape
color cloudy

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