Reflective glass --top building and deep process glass

Reflective glass is a new pyrolytic multilayer coating and energy efficient product which is used in tropic area and large scale glass building.
Feature: Besides having the radiation function, the coating can selectively transmit the visible light. This coating has a clear color and a high transmission of the visible light (for single pane it is normally 40-60%). Due to its low reflection of visible light, the light pollution is reduced to a minimum. The product is durable, easily be tempered, heat bent and can be used as single pane.

Reflective glass --top building and deep process glass

color:clear,E-bronze;glod bronze;dark blue;drak grey;F-green;dark green
3660x2250mm;3660x2440mm and so on
Maximum: 2440x3660mm
package:packaged in standard wooden crates, paper interleaving.
moq:one 20 feet containter
Payment: L/C or T/T
Transportation: By sea or multi-transport, combined transport.

Color of Tined Float&Reflective Glass
Dark Blue
Dark green
dark grey
Euro Bronze
Euro grey
f green
ford blue

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