Glass bottle:Glass Bottling for Alcohol, Wine, Spirits, Liqueurs, food & Oils, Beverages, Syprus, Condiments
glass bottle range is from 3ml to 25L, glass bottle.The colors available with dark green, emerald green, amber/brown, light blue, dark blue, flint/clear white, crystal clear.etc.>>

Sheet Glass: Sheet Glass is also called plain glass,Glaverbel glass, nowgenerally used for photo frame,mirror ,etc
Thickness:1-6mm 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3mm
Max Size:72''*96''(1830*2440mm)
Normal Size:600*914mm,914*1220mm,1220*1830mm
Packing:strong wooden crates,plywooden cases no need fumigation with paper or talc interleaved between glass sheet,or packing by carton,etc,or as ur requirements.>>

Float Glass: Clear Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating the molten glass on a bed of molten tin.This method gives the glass uniform thickness and very flat surfaces. Morden window glass is float glass.
Tinted float glass used for windows in buildings, homes, and cars, while offering the advantage of letting light in, often compromises the privacy that the occupants desire, and can also let in more than the desired amount of heat. Tinted glass, however, provides an easy solution to these problems.>>
Reflective Glass:Reflective is glass which has been treated with a metallic coating which allows the glass to reflect heat. It is not reflective in the sense that it acts as a mirror, although some reflective glass products do indeed have a highly reflective surface, but rather in the sense that it reflects radiation, rather than absorbing it. This type of glass is used in environmentally friendly construction with the goal of reducing heat gain and loss, making structures much cheaper to heat and cool over the course of the year.
Filters glittering sunligh.>>
Pattern Glass:Pattern glass is very applicable to all kinds of public and private places,such as office,meeting rooms,hotel,hospital,gymnasium,bath room,washroom, widely used as frameless shower door,translusent door,interior partitions,window treatments,decortative furniture,louver ,glass table,glass shelf,and lampshade,etc
Design: Mistlite, Masterlite, Karatachi, Nashiji, Winner, Water, Flora, Rain, Galaxy, etc.
Colour: clear, bronze, grey, yellow(Amber).>>
Tempered Glass:The process of tempered glass is to heat the original glass to a very high temperature and cool it down rapidly to form the surface compressive on the glass.According to the shape it can be divided into the fully tempered glass and the heat strengthened glass (also called semi-tempered glass).
Product Characteristics
The tempered glass is 3-4 times as strong as the common glass.Broken by the external force, it will become the bean-sized scrap, so as to lessen or avoid the injury to human body. The tempered glass has the virtues of high degree of precision,low rate of self-blast and without stressing flaw.>>
Glass Mirror:Aluminium mirror and Silver mirror
clear float aluminium(Silver) mirror from aluminium(Silver) coated float glass,glass surface in vacuum chamber ,then coating two laryers paint
Advantage:No ripple,No scratch,No bubble ,No grains,Adopts high reflectance mirror image lifelike,more clearly,Water-resistant,Acid-esistant,Oxidation-resistance.
Glass block:Product Specifications:
N.W: 2.3 KG 190x190x80mm
Newest generation of glass blocks.
Low heat conduction, fire-proof, corrosion-resistant, excellent insulator.
Translucent, no poison, no pollution, no toxic odours.
Can endure heavy weight, high pressure.
Louver Glass:Product Specifications:
louver window glass,
thickness 4mm , 5mm ,6mm
Size: 4'' * 24,4" *30,4" *36, ~ 6'' * 24,6" *30, 6" * 36"
color:clean ,green,obscure ,brown,blue, grey.>>
Glass mosaic tile:the most popular kitchen backsplash decoration material among customers. In the shape of long and short thin sticks arranged in staggered rows, this kitchen glass mosaic tile is suitable for decorating the whole wall. Besides, it can also be cut into border tiles as customer requires and the mosaic borders will go well with the wall tiles.>>

Load and Fixed Glass:Loading glass into container--no damaged way
fixation of glass in container--professional fixation>>

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